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Website: http://www.valenrich.com/
Email: info@valenrich.com
Phone: 205-440-2837
Address: P.O. Box 94336 Birmingham, AL 35220
Nadia M. Richardson, Ph.D. founded Valenrich Wellness, LLC in an effort to dismantle the cultural stigma of mental health and replace it with a positive life-affirming discussion about holistic wellness. Valenrich Wellness offers a range of programming options and advocacy training workshops that highlight the importance of fostering wellness in everyone. Utilizing a holistic approach to explore factors that threaten wellness, Dr. Richardson administers workshops that encourage healthy identity development, self-advocacy, and cultural competency as a means of achieving the eight dimensions of wellness. Informed by Dr. Richardson’s research on the diverse experiences with mental health concerns, Valenrich Wellness offers a range of programming options, consultation services, and advocacy training workshops. Through Valenrich Wellness, Dr. Richardson combines her specialized research with her professional experience to offer unique workshops that convey innovative guidance related to effective resources, programming, policies, and practices.
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