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Website: https://www.delilahfitness.com
Email: info@masani.live
Address: Brooklyn, NY
Delilahfitness approaching to movement is simple, she connects to the whole being using therapeutic art, movement and unprocessed whole living plant based foods all about whole life living using movement, art and 100% unprocessed whole living plant based foods is at the core of her existence connect her back to ancestral principles. Which is expressed in her approach to movement, art and food unlocking her true gifts from within. Delilahfitness has been a leading participant in the health and fitness industry for three decades. Her technique in motivating people is in her actions, she guides her clients by gaining their trust allowing the client to freely express what is hidden deep within. Her approach to fitness is simple, specializing in weight loss, toning, and lifestyle modification. Giving clients a new outlook on themselves. She focuses on the individual strengths and needs of each client, and creates a personalized program that will maximize their potential. Consistency being the key. Clients are pushed to be empowered, not by simply getting in shape, but by remaining there. Delilah is eager to work with clients of all ages and levels of fitness so that they can experience the joy of healthy living.
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