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Website: http://happy2benappy.com/
Email: queengoddess125@gmail.com
Phone: (917) 476-3287 or (305) 454-1667
Address: Harlem, NY
A Happy 2B Nappy Vibration is A Non-Profit Religious Corporation the purpose is to promote Religious doctrines with the emphasis on Anu Yahshua's The Most High Creator Universe command to go and teach all nations, to provide a peaceful purposeful atmosphere with an emphasis on physical, mental, and spiritual health; to promote the comfort, happiness, and improvement of an indefinite number men and women with special emphasis upon the study of Religion Natural Health Educator, Music, Art, and Crafts, Artisan Crafts and Horticulture for the religious, economic and commercial improvement of all members of mankind, and the Society in particular according to the laws and principles of Anu The Most High Universe Our Mother & Father, with the loving examples of Anu,Yahshua, the Son with the strength provided by Holy Spirit, along with other acts and programs beneficial to the above-named Society and to the community at large.
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