health and wellness coaching
Website: http://www.kemeticyogi.com
Email: info@kemeticyogi.com
Phone: (323) 905-4013
Address: Atlanta, GA
I trust that you all will find THE KEMETIC YOGI ZONE to be a place that will assist you in finding your path to wellness. It is also a place where you can begin, continue and also advance your wellness journey. It is my belief that our own life is our most important wellness journey. For that reason, I have committed this space to providing exciting, interactive and meaningful wellness experiences that you all can incorporate in your own wellness journey. It is my desire to share with you all that has been shared with me, divine love and guidance. Along with my wonderful team of beautiful souls, I have created a plethora of wellness services & activities, retreat & workshops, in addition to a socially responsible Naga Shop for you to heal, restore and manifest your true divinity.
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