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Website: http://www.kimberlycaresllc.com/
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Address: 5751 Blythewood Suite 700 Houston, TX 77021
Our nation has millions of families without adequate access to affordable health care. For
many it is the difference between groceries or a $150 clinic visit. Treatable conditions
such as diabetes and high blood pressure go unmanaged, leading to severe complications
such as strokes or loss of limbs. The Affordable Care Act reduced restrictions giving
more people access to insurance, however the insurance companies still managed to find
loopholes. They created high premiums and deductibles with minimum paid benefits for
the members or to providers. As a result, many providers do not accept plans offered on
the healthcare market, so it’s back to square one!  Kimberly Cares was designed to be a resource that provides quality, affordable health services for everyone without regard to insurance status.
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