Website: http://www.thesoulsweat.com/
Email: info@thesoulsweat.com
Phone: (888) 793-2844
Address: Miama, FL, Philadelphia PA, New York, NY
When you think of yourself in situations where you perspire and are drenched in sweat, you may have visions of being in the midst of an intense workout, getting your groove on to your favorite rhythms or maybe even being wrapped in a passionate lovemaking session. Well here’s another possible situation to throw into the mix; sitting in a 190 degree room with a group of health-conscious people with the intention of cleansing and de-stressing. This is what goes on at The Soul Sweat. The Soul Sweat is described as a ‘Holistically healing spa experience’. It takes place in New York on the last Sunday of each month, in Philadelphia on the 3rd Sunday of each month and in Miami on the second Sunday of each month. The Soul Sweat is led and facilitated by elder Baaba Pa-Ur Tehuti Se Ptah. Pa-Ur says ‘The Soul Sweat was started over 20 years ago by Queen Afua and her husband Baaba Heru. We go through 4 rooms of healing, relaxation and stress reduction. Those rooms are the dry sauna, wet sauna, steam room and various pools including a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and cold plunge. We bring your body to life and quicken the spirit of health within you and make you smile.’
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