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Website: http://www.theforgottenfoods.com/
Email: longlife@theforgottenfoods.com
Phone: (770) 573-0488
Address: Atlanta GA
Thank you for your interest in our FORGOTTEN FOODS products. We humbly share these phenomenally powerful herbal products with you and our health concerned community. Initially, as a Chinese Herb connoisseur, I set out to create high standard formulas that would promote the longevity and overall health for me, my wife and family. However, good word of mouth and encouragement from others has forced us to expand and share our wonderful Tonics. We are truly a family owned and operated business. As you will discover, our products are extremely potent compared to any similar commercial product because they are all made out of our “PRIVATE STOCK," which is why we call these products our “Private Stock Series.” This means that they are meticulously hand prepared with the same love, strength and potency as we do our very own private connoisseur collection. As connoisseurs of Superior Herbs, we pray that your family too will experience the everlasting benefits of our precious FORGOTTEN FOODS.
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