Website: https://www.shopfemmenoire.com
Email: hello@shopfemmenoire.com
Phone: (678) 842-4540
Address: 10945 State Bridge Rd, Ste 401-430 Alpharetta, Georgia
I believe naturally curly hair is seductive, erotic, mysterious and directly connected to the beauty, love, and essence of a woman. I honor every woman as a Goddess who deserves to pamper herself, preferably with a girlfriend paired with cocktails & chocolate. I refuse to define women by the texture of our hair or perpetuate the belief that curly hair isn’t beautiful. I won’t glamorize overwhelmingly complex and toxic rituals in the pursuit of beauty. I create simple beauty options that make having lush sexy curls effortless and manageable. I choose love always, in all ways. I choose to love and empower women. I give back. Always. Go ahead and flaunt your curls, kinks, and waves. Bask in your divinity and live uncensored.
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