meal planning
Website: http://www.veganflavacafe.com/
Email: info@veganflavacafe.com
Phone: (919) 960-1832
Address: 4125 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd Durham, NC 27707
Vegan Flava Cafe is more than just tasty food. You will appreciate our live food prep demonstrations, vegan brunches, health & wellness seminars, open mic, chess games and more. We offer catering and personal chef services or meal planning. Call us to cater your next office event, meeting, or party. If you prefer personal service, contact us about booking Chef Yah-i for a consultation or in home demonstration. We care about what you eat. This is why we only use organic and/or non-GMO products in our great tasting food. To top that off, we clean and prepare our food using Kangen water. Learn more about Kangen water.
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