health and wellness coaching
Website: http://www.lovingitlive.com/
Phone: (404) 765-9220
Address: 2796 East Point Street, East Point, Georgia 30344
We are Lov'n It Live, located at 2796 East Point Street, in the heart of the downtown business district of East Point, Georgia, ten minutes from Atlanta, Georgia's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and twenty minutes from downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Lov'n It Live is the leader in organic living and vegan cuisine. Each of our dishes is created with love and care, a sincere expression of Lov'n It Live's concern for the highest nutritional standards for humanity. Lov'n It Live maintains a direct link with local organic farmers, a link which helps us to maintain a high enzymic quality in our food as well as a down home freshness, unrivaled by most standards. Lov'n It Live feels it is important to support local organic farmers in order to ensure the quality of the soil for future generations and to lead the world toward a neo agrarian life style in this new millennium. Lov'n It Live Will Not Compromise The Quality of Our Food! This is our heartfelt commitment.
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