spiritual coaching
Website: http://www.mfundishijhutymsmdwntchr.com/
Email: mfundishijhutyms@gmail.com
Phone: (347) 792-9138
Address: New York, NY
Master Teacher Mfundishi Jhutyms has mastered over five languages and is an expert in reading, writing and translating the Ancient Language of the Nile Valley Afrikans commonly called Hieroglyphics. The language called by the Ancients themselves is Mdw Ntchr. This language is commonly taught in the Universities as a Semetic Language, however the language is an Indigenous Afrikan Language and is related to other Afrikan Languages. A proper study of Ourstory and Kulture of Afrikan People shows that language itself originated in Southern Afrika and ultimately spread down the Nile Valley and other river systems of Afrika.
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